Samoens Chapels in the Alps

9 chapels can be found throughout the area within Samoëns' boundaries, not counting the many shrines and other cultural buildings in and around the hamlets.
Most of them were built in the 17th century. The exceptions are the chapel in Le Bérouze which dates from the 10th century and the chapel in Les Allamands built in the 19th. The onion domes suggest a Baroque influence. They suddenly come into view as you round the corner of a footpath, reminding today's walkers of the patient work of tradesmen in times past.

9 Results
The chapel in L'Etelley


This chapel gets its name from an old aristocratic family in the area, "de Lestelley".

The castle chapel


Located in La Jaÿsinia botanic garden, the chapel gets its name from the fact that it was built, in 1687, in the outbuildings of Samoëns'...

The Chapel of Vercland


The chapel was built in 1626 on communal land. It was founded by a man named Pierre Vaisy "as much for himself as for his son Claude and...

The chapel in Vigny


The chapel was built by the communicants of the village in 1675, taking the stone from the ruins of an older chapel, built in 1499, not...

The chapel in Chantemerle


This chapel was built in 1684 and dedicated to St. François de Sales.

The chapel in Mathonex


Dedicated to St. John the Gospeller, the chapel was founded in 1656.

The chapel in Le Bérouze


Dedicated to the Apostles, Peter and Paul, this chapel was built using stone from the ruins of a chapel erected at Col de Couz in 1468 and...

The chapel in Les Allamands


This chapel was built by the villagers between 1829 and 1834, after the idea was suggested by one of their number, Reverend Duboin, who...