12th Botanical Days - Samoëns, to Your Spades!

12th Botanical Days - Samoëns, to Your Spades!



From Saturday 6 to Sunday 7 June 2020 between 9 am and 7 pm.
10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


Free access.


Jardin Botanique Alpin de la Jaÿsinia/Botanical alpine Garden la Jaÿsinia - 

La Jaÿsinia - 

74340 Samoëns

During the Botanical Days, our village and our exceptional alpine garden La Jaÿsinia (with its 5000 varieties of mountain flowers from all 5 continents), welcome you. All the natural beauties will be offered to you. with this year's theme: recycling and the use of nature for nature.

For more than a century, Samoëns has based its love and knowledge of alpine plants on La Jaÿsinia, its amazing alpine garden. It's as much a piece of its heritage as its natural environment and the village is proud to celebrate it every year with an event that has now been renamed "Samoëns, to Your Spades!".

This is the 11th year of the event and it will be marking the arrival of summer. Visitors and garden lovers are invited to experience something unique in La Jaÿsinia. Advanced gardeners and complete beginners can enjoy a range of unique experiences over the two-day event.

Guided tours are undoubtedly a "must" for anybody who is just starting to garden, and a great way to pick up a few tips.

The specialist workshops led by well-known experts will provide more in-depth knowledge or arouse your curiosity and interest in nature.

The garden is not cut off from its environment; instead, it reflects every detail of it. Check this out and take advantage of the knowledge of mountain guides by joining them on nature rambles or, if you prefer, stroll around the exhibition put together by local people of all ages at the media library. Their view of this gem reflects love and deep-seated connections with society at large here.

All these events will let you share in the Jaÿsinia experience, an experience designed and organised by the garden's creator, Marie-Louise Cognacq-Jaÿ, more than one hundred years ago.

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