The hamlet of Chantemerle

The hamlet of Chantemerle


Chantemerle is mentioned in archives dating back to the 14th century, when it was known as Chantamellaz.

It is difficult to imagine, seeing the sleepy village today, that in the 1950's, a dozen families lived here all year round, most of them raising livestock on large farms. They joined forces for haymaking, chopping wood and keeping the road in good order as well as working together to maintain a water supply.
The school, which had thirty-five pupils from all over the area in 1920, was finally closed in 1960 and its shutters, like most of the shutters of the village, now stay closed until the school's new owners return to the village for the summer holidays.
At the top of the village stands the onion-domed chapel founded in 1684 and dedicated to St. François de Sale. It serves as a reminder of the craftsmanship of the stonecutters. It was once a place of pilgrimage and people would join processions, sing hymns and pray for good weather and abundant harvests.
Having survived the passing centuries and protected its villagers, nicknamed the "Bochars de la Lanche", the chapel was magnificently restored in 2007 with the assistance of the "Friends of the Chapels" association.
Chantemerle is a picturesque place reminiscent of days gone by with its orchards, its panoramic views and its scattering of farm implements that look as if they are still ready for use. Nothing has been abandoned here. Life has just gone to sleep for a while.


All year round, daily.


Place des dents blanches


74340 Samoëns

Latitude : 46.09615

Longitude : 6.722002

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