Mindful Skiing with ZigZag and Alps Retreats

Mindful Skiing with ZigZag and Alps Retreats - ZigZag Ski School - ESI Samoëns


Mindfulness is becoming mainstream and you may already practise it to raise your awareness, reduce stress or improve your general health. If not, you may be curious to understand what it’s all about.

Mainly it’s about paying attention to the present moment and noticing what’s happening with your thoughts and emotions, the sensations of your body and your external environment. The idea is to let go of thoughts about past or future and allow your mind and body to relax. An ability to focus your body and mind on the present moment can do wonders for your skiing or snowboarding!

ZigZag Ski School and Mindfulness Coach Sally-Anne Airey (https://alpsretreats.com/our-retreats/mindful-skiing) have come together to create a Mindful Skiing event.

This full day on the mountain is designed to introduce you to mindful skiing and snowboarding. You’ll ski into the present moment, into full awareness of everything you’re doing and into a sense of flow. You’ll learn to leave interfering thoughts or worries behind in a cloud of snow from every turn and to appreciate the whole experience in a new way.

Sally-Anne will offer you breathing and focusing techniques you can use any time, anywhere. High Mountain Guide Christophe will take you to the most suitable parts of the ski area and set a lead that will enable you get into flow and experience all this for yourself.


From 14/12/2019 to 19/04/2020, daily.

On demand.


Cost for the day per person, including a picnic fondue lunch on the mountain with wine.

Participants will require Grand Massif ski passes, which are not included.

Sally Anne and Christophe will meet you at the ZigZag Ski School meeting point at Samoëns 1600m at 09h15 to begin the day.

Advance booking is essential as places are limited.


126 Grande Rue

74340 Samoëns

Latitude : 46.08448

Longitude : 6.724037