Reflexology - massages on the soles of the feet

Reflexology - massages on the soles of the feet


Reflexology, massages on the soles of the feet, and relaxing and stimulating massages.

Reflexology: Derived from ancestral practices involving massages of the feet, reflexology is carried out by applying pressure with the hands on reflex points corresponding to organs or organ functions, and located on the feet. Precise work on these points stimulates the nerve ends and creates a reflex action. Elimination of toxins, stimulation of the blood circulation, strengthening of the immune system, balance of the digestive system, stimulation of bowel movement, etc.; one of the most important benefits of reflexology is its efficiency in reducing symptoms linked to stress and nervous tension.
Relaxing, energizing massages: massage is one of the oldest forms of natural therapy, and it has always played a major role in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine. In the Western hemisphere, the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans also used it for medical purposes. Modern massage therapy, as practiced nowadays, has simply perfected and refined the original gesture of touching to create a series of methods used for prevention, relaxation and well-being. It includes a set of massaging techniques. In spite of their philosophical and technical differences, they share a certain number of de principles and methods that encourage physical relaxation and awakening of psychic and bodily awareness.


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