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Since 1973, Pégase has been the leading provider of paragliding courses for all levels and it is accredited by the French Paragliding Federation.

The first free flight school, set up in 1973 and a school holding quality certification from the Free Flight Federation, Pégase Air Samoëns holds various types of courses covering the three stages in training:
- Beginners' course to "be able to make a major flight with assistance under calm conditions". Lessons graded to take account of personal progress, sessions on a teaching slope, practice two-seater, theoretical lessons.
- Further course 1 (green level of the free flight passport). 5 days to reinforce the basic rules, plus specific lessons to enable participants to fly without technical assistance, under calm conditions, on a familiar site and with suitable equipment.
- Further course 2 (blue level of the free flight passport): 5 days. This course makes you autonomous on various sites and under varying aerological conditions. Making the most of the day's conditions. Taking the paraglider pilot's licence.
- Advanced course (blue level): 5 days. The course takes you to various sites depending on the objectives and the day's weather conditions. You can discover the pleasures of short outings in the mornings and short cross-country runs in the afternoons. You can perfect your flying techniques over slopes, and discover or improve your take-offs with a paraglider.
Advanced one-day course: to continue your progression by joining a group; you can make the most of the instructor's advice.
- Further course 3 (brown level of the free flight passport): 5 days. This course enables you to travel by paraglider, using the day's aerological conditions. Further personal and piloting analysis, validation of the practical section of the experienced pilot's licence.


From 05/01 to 09/30 : open daily.


Adult: 580 to 595 €.

In the event of bad weather, any days cancelled can be either refunded or set aside for a future date, as you prefer.


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